Peraria supporting events

To move with the times

The internal production of materials, woodworking and carpentry departments, the Pre Production & Design Studio of Peraria
(the design studio and interior design) and the entire staff always in move with the times are the key to the success of Peraria.


Specialized laboratories

Peraria, thanks to the internal production department consisting of textile, packaging, printing, carpentry and joinery workshops, is able to manufacture all its products, taking care of every stage of the production: from the creation of materials to their implementation.

The excellent quality of the fabric (100% recycled polyester) and the DYE- sublimation printing process, make it possible to achieve outstanding performances and high-impact picture results.

Our team of specialized and properly trained professionals, together with Peraria’s innovative and eclectic spirit and continuous improvement, allows our company to move always with the times.

Pre production & Design studio

Creativity and versatility

Peraria has an internal graphic design and 3D modeling department, consisting of professionals owing up to date knowledge and specific skills: thanks to this, our company is sure to guarantee the right support in every design phase of your events. Thanks to its designers’ know-how, creativity and versatility, the company is able to obtain outstanding results, satisfying the most varied requests.